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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What I DID NOT Learn to Age 21

Every second blogger have a post sort of "94 things I learned in my 94 years" but I realized that I didn't learn way more things so that's 21 of them.
  1. Why rock is not popular anymore.
  2. Why people don't wear clothes they like just because designers say it's not popular this season.
  3. Why so many people are so angry to strangers that never did something bad to them.
  4. Why I remember that I'm a blogger only after midnight when I mostly don't have energy for it.
  5. Why cheese is so expensive. He tastes sort of like nothing or sometimes worse.
  6. Why it's still okay to kill animals.
  7. Why I'm still afraid the space under bed at night.
  8. What's interesting in naked bodies. I mean everybody has sort of the same bodies any way.
  9. Why when I was child time was so long and now since 2012 it's 5 years... crazy! And this year breaks all records.
  10. How is it happened I'm 21. Didn't I celebrate my 18th bithday just this August?
  11. How I know some English words if I'm sure that I never learn them.
  12. Why I don't have strenth to stop eating all cookies in one day I bought for the whole week.
  13. Why nobody wear something on their face (knitted masks?) in cold winter weather. My face feels cold just like other body parts.
  14. What a point to marry if you just can love without any documents to prove it.
  15. Why Instagram became "post photos like your life is perfect" social media.
  16. Why sugar at cafes are not sweet #wtf .
  17. Why some girls mostly around my age I see for the first time look at me like I stole their boyfriend and ate their piece of a chocolate cake (don't know what is even worst).
  18. How adults make friends. It feels impossible after age 6.
  19. Why old video games better than perfect modern ones?
  20. Why trees around my house became yellow jut three days ago and today they are amost bold. Way to quick. I had no time even to take some autumn photos.
  21. Why Kardashians are famous, anyway?

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Hello guys!  What's your favourite movie director? I can't say mine yer for sure, as I only start to watch more movies recently. But I watched many movies of Chris Columbus, even when I was a kid. I love family comedies - type of movies he does.
By the way, some of these movies he directed and some were written by them.
Let's start with Christmas movies. They're all in my top 10 Christmas movies and watched many Christmas movies so these definetely worth to see.
 ☃ Home Alone (1, 2). 
☃ Jingle all the way.
☃ Christmas with Kranks.

 My favourite fantasy saga - Harry Potter. Columbus made first three movies... and probably they're my favourite. They are more light and kind then next ones.
 😜 Pixels. This about how pixels from famous video games attacked the world. Very easy movie that kids really like.
👽 Gremlins. About cute creatures that can become really scary ones if you'll give them eat after midnight.
🎤 Heartbreak hotel. About how son stole Elvis Presley for his mom and superfan of Elvis.
👶 Tallulah. Another movie about stealing, but not celebrities:) For this time it's about stealing a baby from bad parents.
 👫 Nine months. Some moments made me laugh.
👪 Stepmom. One of my favourite movies for a long time.
📖 The help. About black people in 60's. Very interesting. Have no idea it was happening just 50 years ago.
👴 Bicentennal man. Great actors, unusual story and cute movie.
 Night at the museum movies are amazing and good to watch with kids.
Movies about adventures of kids / teens. 
Here are two amazing movies since 80's that I saw only recently - Adventures of babysitting and The goonies. They are great. I'll be re-watching the a lot of times in future.
Also Persy Jackson movies are pretty good, reminds me of Harry Potter, but definetely worse.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to have time for everything in 24 hours

Hello world. Today I want to share with you some tips I use, especially, this autumn since it became cold, grey and rainy outside so it makes us lazy. Plus, it comes dark way sooner. Like 1,5 months ago at 22:00 it wasn't even very dark and now it's dark around 18:00, but it's good cause in winter it comes dark just after I wake up haha.
 This problem of ''not having time'' becomes worse in fall, so I thought maybe a few tips will give you idea
If you have a lot of things for tommorow, write today the list olf what you should day and what's time every business takes. You'll probably wonder that actually it don't takes 20 hours and you can can do everything if you really want. For example, ''workout - 25 minutes; cooking dinner - 30 minutes e.t.c.''. Maybe that way you'll see you have a lot of free time and helps not wasting time. If you wrote you should something during certain time, do it, don't do break on checking Instagram.
Do the hardest and most important things first. It's like the most important rule. People often start with small businesses and it ends that the most important thing are undone.
Try to do the bigger part of things to midday. I read somewhere that people can do almost all their businesses to midday. After our activity so much more worse.
If you're tired have one hour break for yourself. But I don't recommend to watch Youtube or play games, because you can start with important videos and in 4 houres you realize you watch videos with cute kittens and puppies.
Eat food that makes you happy. It gives energy and happiness, so and inspiration to work too.
Wear warm clothes. Now it comes cold (in Ukraine it's already very cold). I really recommend this because when I feel cold everything I want is drinking a cup of hot tea under a blanket.
Don't focus on how it's hard, focus on what you'll get if you do it. That's my biggest inspiration.
Remember you have the whole evening for yourself, cause I really don't recommend to do something important when you're becoming sleepy. Because it'll probably bad and you will need to do it again on the next day anyway.
Write reasons why you can't do what you need and think if it's that important that it's more important than your goals. Like if feel really bad, well you can not to your workout today, but people often create people their own reasons that are not really reasons. 
You should, sort of, punish yourself every time when you don't do something important. I mean you can learn how to play guitar 30 minutes everyday but if you miss guitar lesson today then you you should learn 1 hour tommorow. So this punishment will give you to understand that you should do it anyway and contriving reasons why you can not to do this today is waste of time.

So that's all, guys. Hope you liked this post and it gave a little more of inspiration to do something important for you. <3

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