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Friday, December 2, 2016


Yaaay, it's Blogmas time that means I'm going to blog about lifestyle / Christmas stuff all month. I'm really exited! Although my Blogmas started not very lucky. My sister brought my camera for her work, but I didn't give a charger, so I don't think it for a long time. Any ways, if I have something to take photo of, I always have my phone's 13 MP camera, so it's like a reason to try it, because actually I used only a few times yet.
Another reason why the start wasn't very lucky is that I had no my Internet all day before the night. So I'm full was into the Internet to middle of night haha. And still wrote about Mandela effect. I'm so into it recent three day, it blows my mind and it's really true... at least for me. I'm going to write about many Mandela effects I noticed mostly a few years ago and I was so confused and afraid and now finally I'm sure that I'm not crazy and millions of people noticed the same things so it's good... for me hehe. Acture it's pretty scary. You should read my previous post if you had no idea about what I'm talking. I even made my mom to believe this (probaby) too. Too much facts, so of course it's real.
And today it was super snowy like never before this year, although we had many snowy days already. It seems like winter of almost everyone's dreams. So first thing I did when I woke up is that I took photos of it, while I still had my camera. And it's good that I took, because after we had pretty strong wind and had no snow on trees. But gosh it's so slippery! Because it was a temparature with ''+'' yesterday and today we have ''-''. It's like the hell on the roads.

And now I'm sort of celebrating birthday of my brother (probably I should say cousine in English not confuse you) that lives in Italy. My grandmother went to visit us and bring cool salads, one of them I tried for the forst time and it's great. And she baked one of tasties pies I ate in my life. I chose good days for my only healthy food days haha. Well then I should do a really great workout today!
But now I'm waiting for a finale episode of ''Ukrainian supermodel'' show... So exited about this. Hope winner won't dissapoint me like the last year! I really hope my favourite will win or I will sure you can buy everything.

Now my my sister, her husbad and daughter are here. So talk later! Have amazing last month of the year!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mandela Effect | ''Sex ''AND'' The City''

Hello, I decided to write about something different before I'll start Blogmas. About Mandela effect. Let's start with what Mandela effect is. ''There’s an unexplained phenomenon that you’ve probably experienced without knowing what it’s called, and it’s garnering more and more attention lately. ''The Mandela effect is what the internet is calling those curious instances in which many of us are certain we remember something a particular way, but it turns out we’re incorrect.
The name of the theory comes from many people feeling certain they could remember Nelson Mandela dying while he was still in prison back in the ’80s. Contrary to what many thought, Mandela’s actual death was on Dec. 5, 2013, despite some people claiming to remember seeing clips of his funeral on TV.''
I don't want to make it boring, so let's start with a picture. We all know this one of the most popular series ever. How you call it? Ummm, probably ''Sex in the city'', like almost everyone.
Turned out, it's ''Sex and the city'' and it never was ''Sex in the city''! You can google ''sex in the city'', but all you will see it's ''sex and the city''. The point I write about this show because this one proves me on example of my real life Mandela effect is real. I'm 100% sure it's real, because I have a post on the blog about my favourite shows and this one was one of them. I perfectly remember how I googled ''Sex in the city'' pictures for this post and I chose one and on that picture was ''Sex in the city'', not ''Sex and the city''. So I checked today my old post and it's not ''Sex in the city'' on picture anymore. I was confused me, because I'm sure it was different. It scared me. But it's not strangest part. The strangest part is in that post I wrote ''Sex AND the city''... WHAT? I definetely didn't write this. Somebody changed it. Because I knew all my life this only as ''Sex in the city''. Today is the first day I've heard about it.
What's about their beauty products that's called ''SITC'' insteed ''SATC'. Do you think it's fake? This perfume costs $130 and very popular. So I don't think so.
Another proof is that in Ukraine (I'm Ukrainian) this show famous as ''Секс в великому місті'' that translates as ''Sex in the (big) city'', not freaking ''Sex and the city''. What's a sense translate the name of a show not right?
Although when I watched it on TV and it was translated but there was still English ''Sex IN the city'' on the screen. I've seen it a milion times.

The biggest proof (probably) that on official site of an author who created the show wrote it's still ''Sex in the City''. Interesting fact is that site was created by herself in 2000. So she wrote this by herself and I guess the creator knows better the name of thing she created.
This screenshot made by me today. I just googled ''candace bushnell''.
Mandela effect change videos people remember in another way. So it's ''sex and the city'' almost everywhere, exeption is this video, check this out:

Also you can find videos where actors say ''in'' too.

I could sound crazy, but I'm not alone in this. Millions of people think the same. Check out any videos on youtube where wrote ''Sex and the city'' and you will see many comments of confused people like ''I thought it's sex in the city'' or ''it's mistake, it's should be ''in'' there, not ''and''.

I was going to write about like 30 different things, but I was so shocked that post I wrote changed by itself, so in the next time!

Do you remember it's like ''Sex in the city'' or it was always '' Sex and the city'' for you?

Monday, November 28, 2016

3 The Most Important Lessons I Learned From Being Bullied

Very old photo of me when I was wearing my sister's costume for this photo.

Second post in one day... It happens not very often. Any ways, in this post I wanted to write about my experience of being bullied by people and what I learned from that. I was born handicapped, so that's why it's part of my life. It was happening in childhood more often, because I was tiny and people that love to bully others wasn't afraid of a little girl. I really don't want to focus on negativity, I want to focus on a good side of this - life lessons that made me more clever, stronger and made my life better.

1. Unfortunately, our world is full of idiots. But if we should be interested in their opinions? I don't think so. Don't try change their opinions. Any of good people won't bullying others. It even sounds funny. If somebody laugh at another human, it only means one thing - that ''somebody'' isn't better and even worse.
2. Ignoring is best thing you can do if somebody bully you. You have 3 ways to go - to pretend as you're a victim, to go to ''fight'' (or even really fight) or pretend like you didn't hear them. To start crying is probably the thing those morons want from you, so even don't try. Arguing with idiots? Oh no. You just will waste your time and will be in a bad mood after it. So ignoring is what I always do, exeptions are some situations like I had probably in September.
I was going my way in front of a women and her (probably 6 years-old) daughter. When I passed them, a girt started to talk really loud as all kids do. She asked her mother if they stop and start to look at me before I'll go around the corner. I thought her mom will say sort of ''of course, no'' e.t.c. But I've heard nothing and had a feeling like somebody is looking at me, so I turned around and have seen they both were staring at me, so I just ask to woman ''Do you think it's nice to do this?'' and started to look at them to stop them doing this. The woman didn't answer, but I've seen she was confused and shameful so they turned around in 2 seconds and finally went away.
3. The only way to become confident in this is to start love you uniquness. So when you're confident in you, you won't care what somebody talk about you or even laugh at you. You will think '' I know my body before you told me. And I'm fucking love it, because it makes me unique and you will always notice from thousand people... the thing I can't say about you''.
I even can say more - you can make people love the way you are if you love it first!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Yes, I felt bad yesterday again, but now I feel good, so I want to share with you a new post. I want to talk about blogging again. I know I wrote posts about this recently twice, but it's for what I have inspiration now, but it will be probably the last time I write about this theme in this year, because I'm going to write Blogmas posts during whole December and it should be more lifestyle posts.
The reason I decided to write about this are talks that blogs and Instagram blogs are easy to do and only hard type of blogging is Youtube.
Well, I'm sooo not agree. So it's my reasons why I don't think so.

1. No matter what you do, but if you want it will be good, you should work at it as hard as you can and make this as perfect as impossible. So it's really take a lot of work and time.

2. To find readers are really hard... especially on the blog. I had Youtube channel a few weeks when I was 15 and random people always have finding me there. I even don't know even how. While on blogs it happens really rarely. The same thing with Instagram. You can take beautiful photos and write interesting things but nobody will find if you won't find people who will be interested in your page.

3. Now it became very popular to want to be a full time blogger / internet star. It's like everyone was a photographer 5 years ago. But people don't realize it take years of hard work and patience.  I know some who wanted this, but they had no patience enough to do this. Plus, I'm pretty sure that not everybody can do this. Human who wants do this, should have a charm. Not all popular people have it.
The point I say this is to become a popular on the Internet is very hard. So earning money this is not easy as it can seems.

4. I've heard as people talked that bloggers that earn on that and do almost nothing and earn a lot. Firstly, if you have pretty big amount of readers you still can earn just a few dollars on it. Brands don't pay a lot to this type of bloggers. It's very thankless job. Sometimes you should work a lot to just get a little money or things for free.

5. Photography. It can be really hard sometimes. Especially if you have an idea of how that photo should look but you don't get what you want for a long time. It usually takes 50 - 200 photos to take a good shot. Like before getting the photo in my previous post I took 70+ photos. Yeah, it's pretty hard to take photos with Christmas lights.