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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Hey, what's up, bloggers? I was thinking about writing this post already some time ago. I know everybody loves posts about blogging and I do as well. Though it feels a little weird to  write post about blogging, cause then I feel like in that phrase from a cartoon - ''I blog about blogs that blog about blogs that blog about other blogs'' or something like that haha.
Anyways, today I want to gossip about other bloggers and things they do that make me stop reading their blogs. Don't be mad at me if you're doing some of these things, cause every blog finds readers and it's all about tastes I can't change. By the way, I do annoying things in blogging as well. Like posting rarely, I do mistakes in writing and my blog header is really annoying, but I thought as I don't have left / right bars, I should still have my photo somewhere, so people will know who's writing this post.

🔃 They re-write their old posts again. And I be like, honey, I remember you wrote exactly the same posts two months ago. Actually bloggers do it, cause it's hard to remember what bloggers a few months ago. Either you should be reading like every post for a long time of that blogger or have a good memory for such silly things as me.
I noticed it a few times when famous bloggers were re-writing their popular posts again to get a lot of views again. Actually It happened to me like two times too. I just forgot that I already had a post like this and write again. But as some time passed since I was writing a previous post, half of things I wrote about changed.
The most annoying thing when they even don't re-write old posts, they copy them.

😒 Predictable posts or BIG title and kind of silly tiny tips in it. I see the most posts like that in popular posts on Bloglovin. I don't even know why they're popular. I have a feeling like people ''like'' them even without reading it, just for title.
I mean those posts have zero new or interesting information. I could be writing this kind of ''big'' posts every day. Maybe should I? Then the blog will become more popular, right?

♒ When bloggers copy other bloggers. That's totally okay to bring inspiration from some other bloggers and even to try to repeat some good things (I don't mean copy their posts or blog design) after them, cause, anyways, it's will be different.
I think every blogger can find something different from others.

💖 When they try to be perfect. Cause it's totally not relatable and everybody know nothing is perfect, so ''perfect'' bloggers look fake, because of this I don't even want to read them.

💰 When bloggers write only sponsored posts. It seams suspicious when bloggers write ooonlyyy sponsored posts. When they have a lot of proposes from sponsors, they write a lot of posts, when they don't have, they don't blog at all.
I even don't know who read these blogs and really enjoy reading it.

🚀 When bloggers have too cool layouts and design of their blogs that I even don't know how to click on the post to read it. I'm too stupid for it and I love standard layouts. But it's probably just me.

😐 When they write without inspiration to write. It's not that annoying, as juist noticable and not interesting to read. If you don't want to write - don't write.

😶 When they have gadgets that say to like them on facebook or follow their instagram profiles and sometimes it doesn't dissapear untill you really ''like'' or follow it. I think it's rude and nor right. Anyways, I should check your blog out and only after it I should decide if I want to follow it or not.

What annoys you? Maybe there is something I missed... <3

Friday, January 26, 2018

7 Ways To Spot a Fake Friend

It took me a little too long to write this post, but I had idea already some time ago. I was unlucky enough to have experience with fake friends several times. And they had some things in common which were definetely signs that they're no real friends, but I ignored it, cause didn't realise that's something wrong about it or wanted to save ''friendship'' that won't going to last anyway. Sometimes I regret I spent too much time on friendship where I wasn't happy in and didn't say ''bye'' earlier.

When your friend calls you only when bored. It's pretty annoying when a person who you like only remember about you only in long lines at stores or when bored at a bus and expect you will entertain him everytime when he's bored and have nothing to do, but in 99% of situations he's busy for you, but then you see him online on Facebook and Instagram.
When he wants to be with you because his other friends are busy and then you go somewhere together and their friends call him and say that already free and your friend leave you. It's hard to believe, but I have situations like that and I felt super awkward and like I'm kind of a bad friend cause my friend leaves for better one.

When you number #42 on your friend's list. That's really weird when you talk on the phone with someone basically from morning to night and meet a few times per a week and he saysL: ''we're not friends, we're kiths''. What's then even ''friends''?
Also it pretty hurts when you call a friend to wish happy birthday and then you find out he's currently have fun with his 30+ friends that were invited,  but you, who was spenting everyday with him and who was thinking you two are best friends and celebrated your own birthday only together isn't invited.
He's more interested in his phone than you. It's so annoying. I never check my phone while I with my friend. Maybe I'm weird for 21th century, but I wish everybody do the same thing.
When your friend always criticise and never say compliments. I had a friend with which I was very close during a few year and always ignored that fact that she was criticising me and all things I do literally all the time we were together. It's even good when your friend motivates you to become a better person, but when you change for better and friend is searching for other things to criticise you isn't okay.

When your friends don't believe in you and your goals. Real friend never should make you become hopeless and break your dreams. Don't let nobody say your dreams are silly. Real friend will help you even to find a rainbow unicorn  (I don't mean drugs haha).
When you always pay. It's okay to pay sometimes for your friend and make to him more presents, but when friend ask you pay always during a few years. In cafes and even in stores and buses is way too much. 
It's weird when you're poor but still being used for money and feel rich haha.

Do you agree with these things? Or think real friends can make some of them?

Thursday, January 18, 2018


 Hello guys! It was pretty a long time since I wrote my previous. It's kind because holidays are over, and started all this everyday routine, so I had less of inspiration and not much changed since the last year yet, so it's still a little hard to blog.
Anyway, I'm here, cause I did all the things I needed to do (or almost), I have the Internet (have problems with the Internet recent few years) and my laptop finally works good recently and the main thing is that I have a good mood. I'm excited about tommorow's birthday in my family and we have snow like two or three days so that made streets look not that grey and sad.

By the way, I wanted to talk about about my new things that I started to like it when became cold. Let's start with clothes.

Actually it's not that useful for you cause I don't know the brand, but I couldn't a list of my favourites without it.
In the last days of November I with my sister went to go winter shopping. I needed a snowjacket, but it was hard to find, cause everything was either too expensive and with real fur, either I didn't like it. I wanted something bright, not like a simple black jacket. And I almost gave up and just found something holographic in a packet. I really like the colour but thought it's a jacket for kids, but my sister said we should check this out and turned out it was that kind of jackets I was searching of. As it was the last jacket like this it costed almost free. Around four dollars. It was a very lucky purchase.
 And also that I bought winter boots that look like rabbits. I thought it's so cute! But I have a problems with threm - dogs really don't like them. They think my shoes are actually kittets or something like that, I don't know. It's weird!
Favourite music. Recently I'm into J-pop. I started to listen to it, cause anime and doramas. It's seem like Japanese music is mostly really good.
What's about doramas. I just finished the first one this year (it has only eleven episodes) and it's called ''Summer nude''. Actually it's mean like nude of souls and hearts, there is nothing naughty in this dorama.
I started to watch it, cause YamaPi acts only in interesting ones and wanted to watch something about summer, as was tired of everything Christmassy. And now after watching this I want summer, it has such a great vibe of summertime and, especially, of summer nights. Miss it.
Don't judge by first episode, cause it gets better with every next one.
Also I want to recommend two Youtube channels. They were only channels which Vlogmases I was watching. These Youtubers are friends, so I thought to tell about them together. ''Sharmander'' and ''Taylor R''.
Movie. I loved ''Beauty and the beast''. I've never seen a cartoon or never read this fairytale, so it was interesting for me.
Apps. Games I recently play and recommend - ''Potion Punch'', ''Ramen master'' (was inspired by doramas too haha) and ''Everytown sweet''.
Drink. I really like ''Oshee vitamin'' juice. Amazing not very sweet taste.

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